Locked and Loaded!


Locked and Loaded


Alright my friends, let’s start 2011 off with a bang.  Due out in late January is my latest work, “Heavy Weather”, which will be featured in Dead Bait 2.  This is a sequel to Dead Bait, which featured my story “Noodlers”.  Both books are published by the folks at Severed Press.  Check them out at my ‘Partners in Crime’ tab or visit www.severedpress.com.   Severed Press is edited and operated by the very competent team of Gary Lucas and Romana Baotic.  If you are a fan or a writer of dark fiction, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

  The week between Christmas and New Years found me banging out another short story, “The Devil’s Garden”, as well as the last few chapters of my crime novel “Sudden Impulse”.  Once completed, it’s time to edit, edit, edit, so I can make the novel presentable to an agent.  I used a three act structure technique I learned from fellow writer Marcus Sakey to help keep me focused for the many months it takes to put a novel together.  For you writers out there struggling with the direction of your story, I recommend the three act structure and Marcus Sakey’s  techniques. Check this out at www.marcussakey.com and go to a workshop or book signing if you get the chance.  He’s a straight shooter who puts them all in the ten ring.

© Murphy Edwards 2011


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