The Rumble

On the heels of the Dead Lake trilogy, available through Severed Press and, comes a new horror adventure “Carrion” as well as the beginning of my new series of crime novels…Stay Tuned!

Also concerning Severed Press….I can’t say enough about the editors and staff at this publisher. Gary Lucas has worked with me on everything from editorial issues to shipping of the completed books. He has always given me a fair shake. These folks bust their butts to put out a high quality line of books at a fair prices. Please check them out. There’s a link under my “Partners in Crime.” Or click here .  Most items are also available through Amazon at

© Murphy Edwards 2011-2015


3 Responses to “The Rumble”

  1. Hi Murphy –

    Thanks for this information. I’m also in Dead Bait 2 for the story “Shiners”. I look forward to reading “Heavy Weather” and of course the rest of the book.

    • Thanks Mike for the shout-out. Anyone interested should check out Mike’s site

      And Mike… of luck with the novel. I want to know how it turns out.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my website. And congrats on your Indiana Horror Anthology publication! Well done!

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