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Story Title                                             Publication /Publisher

“Two Car Accident”              Trail of Indiscretion #7 / Fortress Publishing

“On the Inside”                     Samsara Magazine #15 / Samsara Magazine

“Ice Men”                              Barbaric Yawp, Vol.12,#4/ BoneWorld Publishing

“There Goes the Neighborhood”  Nocturnal Lyric #69 / Nocturnal Lyric

“Coal Black Talons”       Encounters Magazine,Vol.1, #3/Black Matrix Publishing

“Last Days of Maxwell Sweet”    Big Pulp Magazine

“Tested”                               Criminal Class Press




“Hidey Holes”                                Abaculus II / Leucrota Press

“The Oath”                                     Assasin’s Canon / Utility Fog Press

“Mister Checkers”                        Abaculus III / Leucrota Press

“Noodlers”                                     Dead Bait / Severed Press

“Good Samaritan”                       Night Terrors / Blood Bound Books

“Strunke City Derail”                        Unspeakable / Blood Bound Books

“The Brownfarm Awfulness”         Bloody Carnival / Pill Hill Press

“Heavy Weather”                              Dead Bait II / Severed Press

“Bumper Music”                               Indiana Horror 2011

“Sinkers”                                                Dead Bait 3

“Me and Sister Mercy” (Co-Written with James Ward Kirk) Indiana Crime Review 2013

“Serious Money”                               Indiana Crime 2012

“Live Bait Works Best”           (Co-Written with Brian Rosenberger) The Horror Fields: The Morpheus Tales Rural                                                                        Horror Special Issue, Edited by Matt Leyshon

“There Goes the Neighborhood”    Splatterpunk Saints 2013

“Keepers”                            The Grays/ James Ward Kirk Fiction

“Pedal to the Metal”           Toys in the Attic/ James Ward Kirk Fiction

“Strunke City Derail” (reprint)    Terror Train/ James Ward Kirk Fiction



“Stone Cold”                                        Four Ghosts, a collection of novellas. 


“Kingfish”                               Released by Severed Press January 2015 on Kindle and in paperback on Also currently available from Severed Press.

“Snapped”                              Released by Severed Press April 2014 on Kindle and in paperback on

“Dead Lake”                          Released by Severed Press June 2013 on Kindle/ July 2013 in paperback on

“Sudden Impulse”           **Nearing completion. Stay tuned !!

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